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Learning to Exploit the Power of Local Search Marketing for Your Business

As a business owner or even as someone who makes a living designing commercial websites that are optimized for search engines, knowing how to handle the difference between marketing to a national audience and a local audience can be quite vital to your success. Even people who are knowledgeable in search marketing often tend to […]


WordPress is often the first choice for many small business owners when creating their website. There are many reasons for this, the number one reason is usually that it’s free to install and use, not only that many of the themes and plugins to make a website more unique to each user are also free. […]

The EGI Consulting offers the best prices in website services!

The EGI Consulting offers the best prices in website services! Our services are extensive yet not so expensive. We believe in presenting only the most effective, efficient, and experienced solutions to our consumers and have a track record of satisfied clientele serviced since 1994. We have worked with small and medium businesses, corporate, entrepreneurial ventures, […]

Building Back Links To Your Site

Building Back Links To Your Site is crucial if you want to get high Google rankings and make sales on your website. When setting out to make money online, link building and quality content on your site are two important factors. This post about back link building tips can be found here. Following this will […]