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Which Tax Form is the W4?

If they fail to resubmit a W-4 form to continue their exempt status, you have to withhold their income taxes as if they are single and have no dependents. Once in a while, the IRS may decide to review your employees’ W-4 forms. It will send a representative to your office, and the representative will […]

Deduction Tax Per-Mileage in 2011

Car Mileage Tax Deduction for 2011, 2012 It will always be crucial to know how much you can deduct as you have the choice of deducting mileage, or vehicle operation costs. Not both. The current rates are as follows: 51 miles per cent for business 14 cents per mile for charitable 19 cents per mile […]

How is IRS Accuracy Ensured With the 2011 Federal Tax Table?

Tax rates and withholding tables apply separately at the federal, most state, and some local levels. The tricky thing is to present their corresponding tablets of information in the right format, to the right people so that there will not be any confusion as to which apply to you. The amount to be withheld is […]