What is the Best Strategy Game?

My family and I like to have a family game night once a week. Each of us has our own personal favorites and most of the time we pick something that everyone will enjoy. We have a number of games that involve strategy, and one night we all started talking about what is the best strategy game, and we came up with a number of viable candidates.

My son contends that the best strategy game is Clue. He has loved this game since we first taught him how to play it when he was eight years old. He loves the idea of building a case against one of the characters in the game, and he loves how the game is set up. When he found out that there was a Clue movie, he wanted to watch that, and he has a very vivid imagination when it comes to the house, rooms, characters and weapons. He said that Clue requires the most strategy because it players have to figure out three different parts of a scenario. I think that is a fair point. Pokemon Go Hack No Survey

My daughter on the other hand said Battleship is the best strategy game. I had to kind of laugh about this, because I had always considered Battleship to be a game of pure chance and luck. She made the point, however, that if you understand how the other person thinks, you have a better chance of winning. She has backed this up by continuously beating my wife, my son and I ever single time we play! I am not sure if her choice is the right one, but again, she does have a valid point.

My wife said the best strategy game is poker, because it is a game where you not only have to understand what hand beats other hands, but also learn other players’ mannerisms to figure out if they are bluffing or not. She is quick to point out that while there is a certain degree of luck that goes into it, a good poker player can make his own luck by knowing when to play his hand, knowing when to fold and knowing when to bluff. I have to admit that those are also good points.

I don’t want to sound like a snob, but I think the best Pokemon strategy game is chess. We rarely play chess in my family because that is a game that I have never lost, and my family members have lost interest accordingly. I don’t know why I think chess is the best strategy game — perhaps it’s all of the complicated moves, anticipating your opponents moves and how you will respond or just the fact that it was designed with the express purpose of requiring strategy, but that is the game I would choose. Whatever the game is that a person chooses, it is a fun topic to debate!