Songkran Festival-Events-Party and Celebration. The Thai New Year, generally called Songkran festivity, is for all intents and purposes around the curve and courses of action are well under way. Songkran is lauded all through Thailand between the thirteenth and fifteenth of April, however in Pattaya celebrations continue for fundamentally more days! Songkran 2016 Pattaya celebrations are connected until the nineteenth of April and this development is generally called “Wan Lai” festivity which really connotes “the day that streams”. You Will Enjoy

What is Songkran in Pattaya about?

Pattaya in the midst of the week of Songkran goes mental! Nothing methodologies this gigantic week, and thus more than an extensive segment of a million people from all over Thailand and abroad surge into Pattaya.

Songkran for the most part starts as right on time as the eleventh of April and peaks on the nineteenth of April with various people booking their events decisively with the deciding objective of joining the water fight zone and having a difficulty of a lifetime.

There are a couple issue ranges in the midst of the first week with the final objective people ought to acknowledge Songkran, for instance,

The tremendous party! The shoreline road and each and every coterminous road are closed to action, making a 3 mile long water fun road with a substantial number of people heading off to, all soaking each other and tuning in the great times.