A puppy is a wonderful pet for growing up children. Training the puppy would evoke the sense of responsibility and loyalty. A puppy is one of the most loyal friends children can ever have. The puppy can grow together with your children. Training the puppy will forge a bond between your children and the puppy. One of the most important trainings that a puppy undergoes is the puppy crate training.

How do you train your pet? The following are important pointers in puppy crate training.

As soon as you buy the puppy, buy him a crate. The crate should be spacious enough for him to turn around and sleep. Every time you leave, crate him. This will train him to stay in his crate at times that you cannot watch over him.

Place the crate in different portions of the house. Move the crate constantly. You could even bring it to your bedroom when you want to sleep. This will also establish his sleep patterns.