Guys & Gals, we are here for promotion of our new real estate blog. This post if for advertising our brand new website on rental properties
This website provides information related to all the rental properties that are available for renting out. This site is specifically designed to help out people of Bangalore, India.

Since Bangalore has now become the software hub of India. Majority of the students graduate in software industry and come to bangalore in search of software job. Since all of them are bachelors they look out for 1bhk or 2bhk flats for rent. 2-3 guys share out 1 2bhk apartment and pay the rent to the owner.

Families tend to look out for 3 bhk apartments which are close to their office. We constantly look out for all such options and provide detailed information to people based on their needs. Thus our site tens to help out all ages or people. We have ran out many advertising strategies to promote out site and this post is one such. We have done banner advertising, email marketing to promote our real estate website. People who look out for houses for rent tend to perform well for banner ads. Email marketing is required as follow up strategy.

In India, word of mouth prevails. Site such as,, are dominating the real estate market. They are our biggest competitors. We know that neither do we have big budget as the for marketing nor we have such big marketing team. Hence we depend solely on search engines to send us visitors. Normally this works well for us. But now a days due to heavy competition from many new vendors it has become tough for us to sell or market our rental properties.

We would ask you to visit our site once and let us know your view on it. You can provide your valuable comments for any of our posts or visit our contact us page and get in touch with us for any feedback.