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Creativity is really key in marketing, but it will only get you so far. Nowadays, it takes more than clever ideas to get marketing clients. You need not only a catchy slogan, but a firm strategy based on the latest in scientific market research. Most of all, you need to know your local market, and that means reading all the marketing case studies that you can.

There are so many facets to a marketing strategy that you cannot just simply depend on your wits. This is why marketing case studies are so useful. You see, although advertising case studies never provide certainty, you'd be surprised how often you can find a study of a company that has been in exactly the same position that your client has. I recently had a client who ran a small chain of coffee shops. They had been growing at a steady rate, but they appeared to have reached market saturation for their area. They were having a problem with brand identity, you see. They were halfway between a local coffee shop, which customers patronize because it is familiar and locally owned, and a regional chain with a broader-based appeal. As such, they were in trouble. They were losing customers who traditionally favored local coffee shops, but were still not able to attract customers who went in for the big brand names.

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Doing some research to help them formulate an advertising strategy, I was surprised to find a Starbucks marketing case study that was exactly like the situation that they were in. I then quickly found several other useful marketing case studies examining how other coffee chains and restaurant chains have dealt with the same problem. Using all these sources, I was able to formulate a strategy for them. I did have some good ideas, even before reading the marketing case studies, but they were not fully fleshed out. Having the marketing case studies to look at helped me to refine my ideas and come up with a comprehensive strategy that was appropriate for that client.

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Of course, you can not let marketing case studies be your bottom line. On the contrary, every aspect of advertising has to work together. Market research is also valuable, but it does ultimately all come down to your idea men. The slogans have to be right, the designs have to be right, and above all, the placement of these elements has to be right. Marketing case studies help, but it is the execution of the idea that determines the success or failure of a marketing strategy.

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