Internet marketing conferences have been around for ages and many an Internet marketer has ignored invites to attend such events as they feel one or two things. One that they fear being sold more products or two the fact that they feel that the events are too expensive to attend and will settle perhaps to buy the conference when it is out on video.

I just want to dispel both of these points and say that really you don’t need to buy anything at all, this is not compulsory at all! Secondly, to check with your accountant but a lot of the costs of going to the course can reduce your tax.

Why you should go to an internet marketing conference.

You should go to the conference as it will put a name to your face and it will be the ideal place to start building a working relationships. Networking opportunities are everywhere at the conference and you would not normally have people share strategies that are actually working for them and are prepared to share with you.

The people that have written the courses you have purchased will all be there supporting one another and this would then be the time to offer your services or promote them at their next launch. Don’t ever ask out right for help it’s a big no no. Work on developing relationships first, and you could find that the relationship could very well be worthwhile for both of you!