First appearances are ridiculously important. They might seem like they are not a big deal, but if you recall any first impressions you know what weight they have in your mind. Most first impressions are unforgettable. Since you recall the first impressions that have been made on you when meeting someone new, being introduced to a company, or other types of first impressions, you know how long-lasting they are. When it comes to YOU making the first impression, you now know how valuable and of great importance it is.

Some first impressions are live and in person. Others are on the phone or via email. For a potential customer or client, it might be a webpage that is their first interaction with your company or organization. Be sure to have a stellar web page that is both professional, attractive, and useful. If you do not have that kind of website, strongly consider getting it a facelift with QM Design. See what they hype is all about at