How to Build a Fan Base really fast!

If you are a semi-professional musician trying to find out how to build a fan base and promoter your music you should read carefully the following lines!

Building a fan base with good music promotion is not that hard anymore thanks to the world wide web. Social medias are an extremely powerful way to promote products, artists and much, much more!

If you have some budget, I suggest you hire a social media strategist who could run some social media campaigns on your behalf: with a very small investment you can get really good results. However, if you wish to learn how to do it (and if you have the time, of course) here are some tips to run your own social media strategy:

How To Build a Fan Base with Social Media

1) Twitter: it is the best way to engage people online for events happening offline. While Facebook and Google plus are closed systems (only your friends can see what you post) Twitter is a public system, and if you tweet the right things at the right times (make sure to always tweet engaging content!) you might actually be surprised by how many followers you will be able to get!

2) Facebook and the word-of-mouth power: post your own live performances on your Facebook page. Oh, create a Facebook Facebook page before (of course!). Ask all your friends to subscribe to the page and invite them to share your live performances with their friends if they love what you do (and hopefully, they do!).

3) Youtube. Make sure your performances are regularly posted on youtube, and try to get some traffic to your videos. Try to use smart, stunning titles for your videos in order to increase their viewings. Make sure you answer to every comment you receive!

These are just some tips that will probably help you to understand how to build a fan base. It is indeed a social media strategy, but we recommend not to forget real networking with real people!

Building a fan base is one of the most important things in building a great music career. it is up to you to keep them interested and engaged with your musical journey. Your fans are the people that will make you or break you as an artist so treat them well and reward them with great quality music and a fantastic live show!

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