It’s usually a good time to mail a seasonal business opportunity during the holidays because people have money in their hands and are willing to spend it!

The holidays represent the biggest marketing opportunity of the year to  any retail business. Consumers, for the most part don’t realize this, but in the couple of weeks leading up to Christmas, retailers across the country do 60% of the entire amount of business that they do all year. It’s that important to them. As such, retailers are always worried about finding an effective way to get the most customers in the door (or at least in the website). A good holiday e-mail marketing plan should be considered an integral part of your plan.

Is your email marketing plan ready for the big holiday that starts with back to school in September?

You can be pretty sure that all your competitors, shortly before the holidays are to begin, will absolutely decide to really amp up their e-mail marketing. They’ll do it one more often, and they’ll be all festive and cheerful. Granted, most people will ignore marketing e-mails of this kind for the most part. But some do get through everybody’s filters. That’s the way advertising works. You absolutely need your holiday e-mail marketing campaign absolutely should include a plan to be a little more intense shortly before the main shopping season begins.

Now holiday marketing e-mail needs to be specially done. And we’re not talking about putting a festive bow on everything. It’s just that any person who gets a raft of marketing e-mails in his inbox, and is going to feel pretty jaded about it all. If you are to stand any chance of getting any attention, your e-mails are going to have to be a really well-written, and really to the point. No beating about the bush here. If your subject line doesn’t seem to offer a great attractive line), no one’s going to come in.

Every holiday e-mail marketing campaign should always pay a lot of attention to using very specific, very attractive subject lines.

People expect to put a couple of sales out during the holiday season, and it tends to be a great idea. You could base a lot of holiday e-mail marketing around your special discount sales. The important thing though, is to do this as early on in the season as possible. You want to do it a month, even two months before Christmas wouldn’t be a bad idea. As marketing experts have found out, businesses that put off announcing promotions up until the week before Christmas lose heavily.

It’s just that they will have usually exhausted their budgets by then. Any business that decides to put out a sale really early in the season is really going to get its pick of cash-flush customers.