Where’s the money at? I think a lot of us ask ourselves this when we’re forking out income for oodles of bills. Well, I think it’s clear who’s raking in the bucks these days. Just check out your last gas receipt. How much did you pay to fill the tank? I know in my neck of the woods, gas prices are sky-high and hanging around 3.20 per gallon. This is absolutely horrible. But what makes it worse is the fact that gas station franchises aren’t paying grand sums for their product. They’re just charging us as much as they possibly can. Can you say scam? What I want to know is what in the world can be done about this outrage? I’m not sure anything can.


If you’re one of the many Americans who invested in an SUV, then I’ll say congratulations on your frightening gas bill. While your tank may have cost 40-50 bucks to fill in the past, it’s likely to be around 80 or more now. I know; it stinks! The numerous gas station franchises are charging whatever they want and they’re certainly getting away with it. It’s called supply and demand. They hold the supply and we will always demand it. This enables them to charge what they please. And that’s exactly what they do during the traveling months. They hike gas prices up to whatever they please. Hey, wouldn’t you if you owned a gas station franchise or even a single station? You could bleed the public dry and there’s nothing they could do about it.

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It’s hard not to notice the increase in gasoline theft in my area. While I definitely reside in a small town setting with little crime, folks are starting to steal gas more and more. I even saw a not on the pump the last time I purchased gas. It claimed that they had installed cameras to prevent gasoline theft. Basically if you steal it, you get caught on film doing so. On a separate note, maybe this is the business to get into. Everyone always needs gas, and they will obviously keep paying the ridiculous charges for it. We have no choice but to conform to demands of gas station franchises. Without gas we can’t get anywhere.

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