Finding a Free Backlinks Tool

As a minimum, the free backlinks tool you decide to use must be designed to help you create links to rank higher in search engines. The backlinks need to be in sites that can get the attention of bigger search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Ideally you will want to be able to create deep page links for your articles you have written for other websites. This is known as deep link building.

Of course, to get more bang for your buck you would want your free backlinks at high quality authority websites. These authority pages would have enough clout to alert all the search engine spiders to index new improvements on your website. Their pinging of the search engines would add extra value to your free backlinks campaign and the building up good link juice.

How fast will the free backlinks be effective?

This will depend where you get your links from and how often those pages are crawled. It can take hours and sometimes it can take weeks or months. Being a established site and pinging the search engines can help speed it up.

In a perfect world this would all be free. That could be asking a lot from a free backlinks tool. But there is free tool that I recommend that does all that. This tool will give you 500 free backlinks and is very easy to use. Just type in your URL and primary keyword and click go.

The makers of this free backlinks tool also have reasonable priced tools. They feel that once you try the free backlinks you will be impressed with the quality and sign up.

I was impressed by the results and signed up for the 2000 link program. Check out and see if it is for you.


This article was written by John Arend, the author of Google Success Steps. Hope you enjoyed the article and check out the backlinks tool to improve your ranking.