One of the worst parts of any new job is when you get your first employee review. Even if you think you are doing a very good job, there is a level of uncertainty that you may have. This is a good thing, actually, as it means you care about your job and your job performance. You should look to your review as a good tool to help you work better and a good time to talk to your superiors about what you can do to improve and what may be standing in your way of doing a better job than you are already doing.

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I once worked with a woman who told me that a perfect employee review was like the kiss of death. I didn’t understand why she said this, but after she explained I finally understood. No one is perfect, and if you get a perfect employee review there are two problems. For one, that means no one is really paying attention to what you are doing, and they are not giving your suggestions for improvement. Also, a perfect review gives you no breathing room. If you go from a perfect one to one that suggests you have some work to do, it might appear you are slipping in your duties. Neither of these will do your career much good.

As a new employee at a new job, your first employee review should be something you don’t take too much to heart. You need to study what they have said, and you must work to improvement, but you should not take it too bad if it isn’t what you had hoped. When you first start out you have a lot to learn no matter how much education you have had. Think of your first employee review as a list of skills that you need to work on, and think of it as life experience. We’ve all been there and survived and you will too.

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If you think your employee review is too harsh, you should talk to your superiors about what is going on. Don’t walk in and say that you know you are doing a better job, and certainly don’t go in with an attitude problem. Take your employee review in and ask them for help. Say that you are bothered that you did so badly, and you would like some guidance about what you can do to improve your job performance. They will see that you are easy to work with and that you care about your job, and those are two of the best qualities you can have.