Google Keywords for Adsense

Read this or you’re Adsense site is doomed from the start!
Keyword research is a HUGE factor in whether or not you’ll make money from your website. Most people make the same mistakes over and over…

Let’s make sure you’re not one of them. Let’s look at a quick Google Keywords example

How many Google keywords do I need to make money with Adsense?
Great question! The easiest way to work with this question is to answer it backwards.
This is not the place to go into the mathematical part of figuring visitors. From expereince I know you need a minimum of 250 visitors per day on a Adsense monetorized site.

On a average built website, 250 visitors per day would generate somewhere in $300 to $450 per month in revenue. The better the ranking and content the higher Adsense bids.
To get your 250 visitors to your website everyday, your group of Google keywords will need to have a much higher exact search volume count. It is funny but this is something a lot people just don’t understand. They just can’t figure out why they are not making money being first on a page with small traffic. A lot of failures starts here.
When you look at the exact search volume count for a Google keyword, you have to understand that you will only get a fraction of the people searching on that keyword to visit your site.
To get our 250 visitors a day you need a search volume of 18,000 or more per month. 250 visits x 30 days is 7500 visitors a month or 40% of the total searchers may click your site.
Lets look at a quick example:
In this example we are going to put out a information website and add Adsense ads to each page. To make Adsense work you need to bring targeted traffic to your site. The more traffic and the better the visitors are targeted to your revelant information will affect the amount of money you generate.
Lets look at the Global “exact” traffic needed: To get your 250 vsistors a day you are going to need to to rank number one in your niche and have the at least 18,000 “exact” search volume per month.
This sounds like a lot but it is done all the time. Finding 18,000 searching people is not hard but finding the ones that what to come to your site is the hard part.
To get into all the information needed to properly search for keywords is more than we can get into here. I have supplied some very good links on the subject depending on your previous keyword knowledge.
If you are new to keyword research go to Google Keywords Tool. Read the all the posts about keywords.
If you have some experience in keyword research then go to the Google Keyword Search post. Read the next two or three posts to learn the secret on how to set-up the tool Google Keyword Search Tool for proper and accurate keyword research.