There are Two Steps to Increase Backlinks to Your Site

Step One: You (site A) request a backlink to your home page in exchange for a deep link from one of your keyword relevant article pages back to the site you are requesting an exchange with. (site B) The key here is ensure you have site keyword relevancy for site A and B.

Step Two: Use deeplinking. (preferably site B would use a article that is deeper in the site) Request a link right back from Site B to the relevant deep link page on site A.

This allows both web developers to benefit from this deeplinking technique. First, it supplies site A an backlink to it’s home page. Site A also gets a link back to the deeplink page. Site B gets a link from the site A’s deeplink page and added link juice from it’s own site to that deeplink page on site A.

This sounds a little confusing but work it out on paper and you will see what I mean. Again the key is to use relevant pages of web content for the sites doing the linking.

Make sure on any given page, you have limited your “outgoing links” or “resources” to 4-6 per page. The links will have more juice if you limit the number of links per page.

What Does This Technique of Deep Linking do for Your Site?

1) Web developers will look at linking with your site a little more serious because you are putting them on your site with relevant targeted traffic not on a part of your site that doesn’t have traffic.

2) The site owners that you have made a request with, will know you have taken the time to review their site. Or at best, you are familiar with it enough to know where the best fit on the sites will be according to the topic. This type of request is a way different than just swapping link requests. Most of these request are deleted these days by webmasters. Deeplinking has added value to a web developer and Google loves them.

3) With deep linking you start building targeted traffic direct to pages deeper within your site other than your home page. (This is the start of becoming the authority site)

4) With Deeplinking you have some leverage and can ask for a better link from sites than just being part of their link dump directory. This is a win-win for both sites. They get a link on a relevant page on your site plus using their link back, adds more juice to the page link. For your site, you receive a similar links of importance from a page that their visitors actually see and some added juice.

5) Increase the value of your links or resource page by not loading it down with every person who requests a link with you. Check out the sites that want to link to you. Only link to sites that you do or would recommend and keep the resource page small, like 1-2 pages. Make sure the sites are relevant to your site or topic.

6) The deep links you get are links that actually can get you significant targeted traffic along with some link juice. Same goes for the partnering site.

Why Should I Send Traffic Away From My Site?

Do I want to send traffic away from my site? Yes, because to get your link, you are asking the linking partner to do exactly the same thing. Deep links are profitable in the long run because you are engaging in an real traffic exchange and leveraging your juice for what it’s really worth. Linking experts know deeplinking works. Work on sending some traffic out from your site and watch your referral stats on Google Analytic.

Be cautious on link location. Many web developers don’t understand this form of backlinking. Deep linking is becoming more and more popular so don’t let them shove your link in a page with no traffic on their site. Make sure you get the page URL and inspect the link.

If a web developer does not understand the power of deeplinking from their content pages, send a link to this article. If they still do not get it, move on. There are plenty of developers that are smart enough to see where deeplinking is headed.

Really what you are telling other sites is that you want to link to them as a recommended resource or perceived authority on a relevant article page. Stick to your guns because you are a pro.

Does this work…yes it does. It is interesting that I turn down link requests weekly. One day I received a letter explaining this technique and my backlinking has change forever. I also do guest blogging such as this article. The guest blogs are related to keyword relevant posts on my site. I then use the same technique and use deeplinks back to the articles from my posts.


This article was written by John Arend the author of Google Keyword Research Success Steps.