The subject of a dress code for salespeople has been an ongoing debate for some time. There are always those who claim that it is no longer necessary for male salespeople to wear a coat and tie, or for female salespeople to be in a business suite.

Some have attributed the casual dress code to the creative and relax environments of Silicon Valley high technology companies. These folks claim it does not make sense to walk into an office looking very formal when the prospect is dressed in a casual manner. Furthermore, would it not be easier to build rapport with a prospect by being dressed more in line with the culture of that prospect.

However, when you look at many of the professional providers these creative firms hire (Attorneys, Accountants, Consultants, etc.) they are usually dressed formally. Why is that?

The question really is more in line with the professionalism that a company and their salespeople want to project. It is sad but true that people do judge all of us by the way we are dressed and our overall appearances. Research has shown that people in general make a preliminary judgment about us within three seconds of seeing us. Furthermore, we also know that all of us have predefined ideas of what a professional looks like, acts like, and sounds like.

Then we must ask if the way we dress is taking anything away from our prospects perception of who we are and what we offer.

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